Silent Screams In The Still Of The Night.

There will be times in your life when you feel like you will always be in the darkness.

You will feel hopeless and lost and you can't see how life can change or how it will get brighter, you fear it will always be this way or get worse.

You sit in the darkness with your fears, tears pour down your cheeks that can't be seen, pain that can only be felt in your heart.

You're tired of fighting and pushing to make life right, you're angry that you feel you gave it your all and still your here, time and time again in the darkness of life.

You want to give up.

You feel you have nothing more to give.

You scream silent screams in the still of the night.


break, fall to your knees and surrender

Life has planted you to grow,

you were made to bloom bright

It's hard to hold the hand of faith

its hard to see the unknown

Goddess you must start to believe you are the key.

surrender the fears, tears and control.

Trust you have the power

Trust you ARE the light

Wallow for a while but never give up the fight.

The darkness is calling you home, back to the light of your heart.

I know right now you can't see it,

I know right now you don't believe it

but I believe in you.

I believe you can outshine the darkness

I believe you can change your life

just surrender and follow your heart.

that is the key that will set your world alight

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