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Softening to Love

Updated: Feb 7

Life is light and dark, soft and hard, joyful and painful

As empathic soul she absorbs all this darkness of others and the world,

her painful experiences leads her to become drained and distant.

She can shut people off to protect her energy but that isn't helping anyone.

Part of life is learning to transmute the darkness to light

to hold herself in a compassionate embrace

to find her sovereignty.

to hold out her loving hands to the shadows of her past

to soften to love

to let go of anger

to keep her heart open

to free herself

only she can.


The darkness is here to serve her

just as much as the light.

it is only in the depths of her darkness she can rise

it is only her own light which can pull her out

the magic of self-love within her beautiful heart.


Soul prompt:

What needs my loving compassion to transmute to light?


Soul Prayer:

I open my arms

and shine the light of my heart

onto all the darkness that is crying to be held

I open my heart and nurture it

in a tender warm embrace

I open my heart and set the darkness free

allowing it to be touched by the heart of love.

Donna xx


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