Step Back to Step in.

It's time to step out of your logical mind and step into your heart.

For so long you have been told to follow your mind, logic, the crowd and where are you now?

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed ?


The first step to awaken your divine Goddess is to step back,

to reconnect to your feminine heart,

the space where you have forgotten to feel, to trust, to live.

it's ok, life has misguided you..

you weren't to know.

Life taught you to how to be,

what to do and how to think

but your soul knows this is wrong.

You yearn to be free.

my dear you should be free.

and you can...

It starts here,

by choosing to step back, step out of the crowd and into your heart.

take a stand

take a chance

step back

it's time to stop.

You don't have to feel lost anymore,

you weren't meant to be a face in the crowd

can't you see?

Step in,

Into the pool of stillness

Step in,

Into the pool of knowing

Step into your heart.

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