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Stop looking for answers outside of yourself

Updated: Feb 7

You don't need to read your daily horoscope everyday

or read what the energies of the world, the planets or retrogrades are up to

to live your life.

Stop asking the tarot cards, the psychics, the healers, the gurus and 101 spirit guides to tell you the answers you are seeking,

because it's not connection

it is disconnection

seeking answers from external sources

is keeping you disconnected from your own wisdom

your own body and heart

your own intuition and knowing.

New age spirituality can be toxic,

you feel you can't do anything without asking the cards, the guides, the psychics

you move through life on edge of retrogrades and energies,

you can hold false hope of things happening, in a certain way in a certain timeline.

I fell into this trap years ago and it left me full of overwhelm and anxiety,

do you remember how better you were in the time you lived life, accepted what was and what is, carried on with life without over thinking that mercury was in retrograde,

not asking the cards about what your twin flame is doing or feeling.

You were present- grounded in the here and now,

maybe you were still disconnected from your heart and intuition

but you weren't constantly seeking answers.

I stopped following accounts

I stopped listening to others

and instead I switched off and tuned into my own being

my own heart and my own body

which is a direct link to source, the divine or God.

And there you will find all that you need to know.

Answers come in the form of a gentle sigh, shoulders dropping, a wave of peace or a wave of joy for a yes answer and they can come as a form of tension and tightness for a no answer

You don't need to seek answers from others

because your heart KNOWS the answers

seeking external advice and answers comes from living from your mind

instead of dropping into your heart.

External sources can instead and should hold space for you

they can guide you with questions for you to ask your own heart

they can't tell you what is going happen or what you should do

because your life is filled with unlimited possibilities and choices that only you can make

instead external sources should guide you back to your own heart,

your own being

your own truth.

You are your own oracle, you know your body, your needs, your desires more than anyone

When you seek for external answers you are seeking validation because you don't trust your own heart.

you are overwhelmed and your mind is in chaos,

you have to isolate yourself

switch off

tune in

let the chaos settle

and then after time

you will hear the voice of your heart

and you will never

ask an outside voice ever again.

Donna xx


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