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Surrendering into the unknown

Updated: Feb 7

Are you willing to let go of the old and trust the unfolding of what is becoming?

You know when there is an inner struggle going

Within you

Where you’re in the middle of the old and the new

the known and unknown

The battle between the ego and soul

Where anxiety and worries keep you awake

The wanting of change

But not sure what that change is

Or how it will happen.

The space of you just don’t know.

Where something is clinging to the past you knew

Yet something is calling you to something new.

You need to stop chasing, stop holding on and just breathe.

It is here you can become aware that change is a sign of growth,

that your life is shifting and aligning you to your next chapter.

You have a choice to struggle, suffer and stay in the dark

or to surrender and crack yourself open

so that you can become the next best version of you.

Surrender, faith and trust are the feminine aspects found within your heart.

They hold you and nurture you as you learn to surrender,

to trust yourself, trust your path and to trust the universe.

place your hand onto your heart and take a few deep breaths,

come back to the here and now and centre yourself


I am safe in the here and now.

Donna xx


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