The Healthy Masculine Aspects You Do Need.

While my work is focused on mainly Divine Feminine Living- bringing the Feminine aspects into the unhealthy Masculine way of life for wellbeing it is important to remember we all have both of these traits within ourselves and indeed how we live.

We can't live solely on our personal Feminine traits, while most Light workers, Empaths and Creatives have more natural Feminine than Masculine aspects within themselves, we still need the Masculine to keep us in balance.

The healthy Masculine traits are within you and while most people will have to work at raising their Feminine traits for balance, the creatives, empaths, free spirits may have to work at raising their (healthy) Masculine traits for balance.

These traits include:











Healthy Masculine traits are all about putting your Feminine Intuition and Wisdom into Action and getting things done with Focus, Confidence and Strength.

Healthy Masculine traits work with your Feminine to help give you security in yourself and your life, grounding in the present moment is important to build strong foundations to create your future.

Healthy Masculine traits help you to take self-responsibility for your actions and life.

The Masculine connects you to your inner Warrior and Protector to take on life challenges with a clear head and heart instead of running and hiding.

Are there any Healthy Masculine traits that you struggle with from the list?

Why do you think you struggle with them?

Do you use your Healthy Masculine traits alongside your Feminine wisdom?

Listen to your Feminine, then draw your Masculine to take action on your inner wisdom, for example; you know from your Feminine wisdom it is time to quit your job/leave a friendship/relationship behind as it is no longer serving you and is draining you, you need your Healthy Masculine traits to give you the courage and strength to take the action to move on instead of staying put and feeling drained and empty.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine Living means calling home the lost Feminine aspects to help heal the wounded Masculine ways of living and to restore a healthy balance of Feminine and Masculine energies into our being and our lives for wellbeing.

Peace, Love & Light


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