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The importance of Self-Care

Updated: Jun 1

Dear Soul,

Do you put everyone and everything before your own self-care? We often neglect ourselves in our daily life, maybe you simply feel you don't have the time or you're too tired after a long day, maybe you feel self care is selfish or even vain.

I know when I'm neglecting my own self care because I'm a workaholic, I feel I have to sit and write all day to feel productive and not to be judged by others but all it leads me too is an achy body, not eating enough and sometimes not even getting dressed or brushing my hair! I neglect my wellbeing for my art. Lately I am putting my self care, health and wellness before work, a simple 10 minute workout and stretch, lunch, shower, makeup, dress and a hair brush! And then I take 20 minutes breaks while working which can have a profound impact on the way I feel and even helps me to be more productive and creative.

Self care is a huge part of soul-led living, a practice of stopping, listening and honouring your body, mind and soul in a moment to moment basis.

It's not only day to day showering, movement and healthy food, It's also the space where we heal our trauma, soothe our emotions and hold space for whatever we are going through with patience and compassion.

It's healthy eating,

It's rest,

It's flowing,

It's cleansing,

it's movement,

It's fresh air,

it's laughing,

It's healing,

it's boundaries

It's being with those you love.

What it isn't.

suppression of your feelings,

avoiding the pain or truth.

abandoning yourself or your needs.

What it is.

A protective space of love for the flow of life to be seen, held and healed.

What limiting thoughts do you have regarding nurturing your needs and self care?

What can you do today to nurture and nourish your body and soul?

Some examples of nurturing are:

Healing what needs to be held


Long bath


Nourishing food



Sound healing

A long walk

A facial


Social media detox

A good film

A rest

Lunch with a friend.

Nourishing is self care and self care is a form of self love.

It's looking after your body, mind and soul

Again, to know what your soul needs right now, connect to her.

Connect to your mood, your feelings and your energy, they are all subtle messages from your soul telling you what she needs in this moment.

If you want to be the best for everyone else, and be there for everyone else then it begins with being there for yourself first.

You give so much of yourself to others

That you have forgotten yourself

Feeling the need to be all to everyone

Making sure their needs are met before your own

You can't give when you are running on empty

You can't shine when you're feeling deflated

It is time to honour you

Your body, mind and spirit.

Why not also discover my self care bullet journal

In this bullet journal you will be able to:

  • List your daily physical and emotional needs

  • be able to release your daily worries

  • bring aspects of joy back into your life

Prioritising your daily self-care means that you can show up in your life with renewed energy, health and love.




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