The important 1st step you need to Ignite your Light.

Updated: Feb 7

Over the years with the modern world we all have had to step up our Masculine Power to survive, to keep up with the fast pace way of living, multi taski to be able to get things done, falling behind is not an option, if we want to live and keep our head above the water we have to find ways to do it all.

Over the years, have you ?:

  • Had to work harder and longer to make needs meet?

  • Feel like your splitting yourself into many pieces to help and please everyone?

  • Always "online" with the modern technology around you that you feel you can't get a break?

  • Have no time for yourself and the things you want to do?

  • Feel like you have to juggle it all?

  • Done things because you felt you should do but didn't want to?

  • Been close to breaking down or have done?

These are all signs of your lost Feminine, while you have had to constantly be in your Masculine energy- the energy of: logic, action, striving, achieving, reason, survival, strength and doing for so many years, you have over time subconsciously suppressed your Feminine traits of being, stillness and rest because of the demands of modern living, this has lead your inner light to dim and get lost within the walls of your heart, it is now time to Cleanse and Ignite the Light within for you to shine as brightly as the star you are.

The first important step in igniting your light is learning to stop and know that the light within you is your compass in life.

Deep in your heart you have a flicker of light waiting for you, reconnect back to the warmth, bright, dancing flame of life. In order to reconnect and ignite the flame to shine brightly you need to stop, drop and connect to your heart space. You have been non-stop for years, family, children, housework, work, social life, going to and fro constantly, always "online", always over thinking, over worrying, stressing, not having time off, always having to do something, be somewhere, you have been living from your mind and have been disconnected from the light and wisdom of your heart for so long.

Often in life we look for answers in the external world, we try "racking" our brains for answers and solutions and become emotionally exhausted, we try to find the light, the love, the happiness, the solutions all around us. It's like looking for your pair of glasses in your lounge and making a mess of the room trying to find them, panicking so much that you don't stop to realise they are on top of your head.

Stop beloved, breathe, drop from your mind and into your heart, your heart has the answers you seek, the calmness you crave, the love you desire but to hear the wisdom you have to give yourself space to hear it.

It doesn't take much time to connect to your heart space, make it a regular daily practice; when you wake up, during the days (especially if you're busy, anxious, lonely) and before bed, all you have to do is stop and place your hand onto your heart and take a few deep breaths, focus your attention on your heart space, feel your heart beat or visualise a candle in your chest and then call the flame to grow and show you the way. Feel your heart space expand as you breathe, if your mind tries to tell you you don't have time for this, that it is a pointless exercise or if it is impatient for answers, stay in the exercise for longer and ignore your ego mind and keep your focus on your heart, over time your mind will learn to relax.

It's time to now come out of the Masculine ways which exhaust your soul and connect to the light of your heart, it's now time to learn to listen to your soul and to follow the inner wisdom of your light.

Love and Blessings


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