The Lost Divine Feminine way of Living.

There are many different aspects of the Divine Feminine, which one you are largely depends on your soul values and what ignites the light of your heart, whether you are drawn to the Wild Feminine, the Healer, the Mystic, the Creative it all depends on what calls to your soul.

We also know of the Twin Flame Divine Feminine coming into union with Her Divine Masculine and vice versa although I personally don't resonate with this because we are all both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies lie within our being in which along our journey we are healing and learning to balance these energies to come into union with ourselves, rather than finding our counterpart externally. This is the healing of the Energies within our being and finding out who we truly are and becoming whole within ourselves.

My Purpose is to bring light to another other aspect of the Divine Feminine, one aspect which the world is crying out for right now, an aspect in which the Masculine ways have overpowered us for too long and it's showing within our world and our health and that is Divine Feminine Living.

Just as we, the Earth and the universe are made of both energies so the way we live is also made up of these energies, while Divine Feminine Living is deeply rooted to each of us choosing to embrace our Divine Feminine Values to live a more balanced life, there are specific Divine Feminine traits of Living that our life has been missing for too long.

Right now the world is in a heavily wounded out of balance Masculine way of living:

The constant doing,


Technology, always online,

Striving, pushing, controlling,

Greed, power and money,

Pain and suffering,

Separation and hate,

and from which over the recents years we have seen a huge rise of ill-health, mental health issues, stress, burnout, lost lives, relationship breakdowns and much more.

Have you been suffering from this wounded way of living?

It's time now to bring back the aspects of Divine Feminine Living to your life and indeed the world. The traits of:

More Being,

More Intuition,

More joy and passion,

More peace,

Community and support,

and balance.

Doesn't the above bring a sense of longing to your heart?

We all say we need more time, less work and less noise in our life and it begins with you embracing the Divine Feminine ways of living, choosing to step out of the modern fast paced way of living and into your freedom and peace.

I know we all have to earn, have families and things to do in our everyday life but are you running on empty? We think once we have done all the to-do lists and the world slows down only then we can slow down too but the world is getting faster (even with 2020) you are running on the treadmill of what you think is a normal way of living, programmed to follow the masses and running faster is the only way to keep up and succeed. 2020 gave us all space to notice how unbalanced our lives were, did it awaken within you? Did you like the slower pace, the not having to rush and having the extra time? or did it scare you? that you have been running on auto pilot for so long you don't know how to stop and just be?

Either way the fast pace, wounded masculine ways of living can't go on for your own health and that of the planet, it is time now to slow down, breathe and connect back to the simpler ways of living and being, this means stepping out of the masculine ways of the ego and mind and instead be guided and living from your Divine Feminine heart.

Less doing, more being.

Less talking, more listening (to your intuition).

Less work, more joy.

Less isolation, more connection.

Less greed, more giving.

The world won't do this for us, we each have to step into our Feminine power and make the change we and the world needs right now.

It's time to stop following the masses of destruction and begin a new way of living for reconstruction.

Light sister it begins with you and me, let's birth a new way of living for the future generations and wellbeing of our planet.

Light & blessings


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