The Masculine Mind vs The Feminine Heart

Updated: Feb 7

We are not immune to being pulled back into our fearful ego, wounded Masculine mind because life isn't always plain sailing, instead it is a roller coaster of highs, lows, sometimes upheaval and slow going and other times it's all go and flowing fast and occasionally we are flipped upside down and thrown about, how is it possible to live in the Divine Feminine of allowing, trusting and faith when life is so unpredictable?

In challenging times it is all too easy to disconnect from the wisdom of our hearts and the trusting of the Universe to jump into our Masculine mind of worrying, over thinking, finding solutions outside of ourselves and trying to keep things together. The logical, practical, survival Masculine ways takes over, they mean well as they are trying to keep us afloat and safe in these situations but by doing this often our Feminine heart is knocked out of the way as our Masculine mind charges in to lead, fight and save the day.

What our Masculine mind forgets is the balance, it needs the Feminine heart to figure the situation out alongside it, to be guided by the wisdom of the Feminine heart rather than go all in with panic, fear and worry and get no where. I'm sure you have been there? You feel like you're going around in circles trying to figure it all out and just get exhausted from it all? Not sleeping at night from from too much thinking? That is your Masculine mind charging in and running around. The issue being that it's so busy running and worrying it can't think straight and misses the solutions and opportunities, while also making us exhausted. This is where we need the Feminine heart.

When we stop, step back, breathe, connect and ask our Feminine heart we can see the bigger picture, we have the mind space to then think clearly and the space for answers and solutions to show themselves to us and we can recharge and rest our mental and emotional beings. The Feminine heart has the wisdom, the stillness and the knowing what to do in any challenge even if we don't feel we like the answer, change or solutions maybe hard to do but yet in our heart of hearts we know its the right thing to do.

When we know deep down the solution we can then call upon our Masculine mind to take action with courage and strength. Our Masculine mind is our doing aspect in life while our Feminine heart is our knowing, together they help us learn, grow and navigate our way through life but in this modern world we have learnt to only listen and follow our Masculine mind, we fail to stop, listen and follow the nudges of our heart. How many times have you gone against your "gut feeling" on something? That Light Sister, was your Feminine heart communicating with you. We are lead to believe that the heart is wrong, that if solution is not logical, practical, doesn't come from our mind or from the external world and we can't see it in the physical world then it's not to be taken seriously and we don't trust ourselves.

We still need our Masculine mind but we need to let it work in partnership with our Feminine heart.

Divine Feminine Living is learning to reconnect to your Feminine heart and intuition and learning to trust your intuition an important aspect which we have lost in life, we can do this by learning meditation, slowing down in life and quietening our Masculine mind, learning to notice subtle signs of how we feel and what gives us the most sense of peace in our heart. When you feel pulled back to the Masculine ways of fear and worry the answers to your challenges are always within you, all you have to do is stop, step back and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

Light & Blessings

Donna xx

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