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The Spirit of the Warrior Woman

Updated: Oct 26

"I wish I had your courage" she said

"Oh, but you do, my love,

for the Spirit of the Warrior Woman lies within you,

when life knocks you down,

when you feel powerless,

when you fail following your dreams

it's a call to set her free."

"I'm not capable, fearless or confident like a warrior though"

"What you need to ignite her flame is encouragement,

words of motivation and support

to have a sisterhood of souls to cheer you on,

we need others,

to lean on, to uplift us, to motivate us, to celebrate us,

with words and connection you can feel you can do anything"

"What is the Spirit of the Warrior Woman?"

"The spirit of the warrior woman

is someone who honours the dance of life,

the highs and lows, the good and bad, the grit and dirt

through the practice of Heartfulness

embodying the aspects of courage, faith, grace, peace, love and joy

into her everyday life.

The spirit of the warrior woman

reclaims her power, truth and freedom

She rises again and again through the flames of pain

She protects her energy and honours her wellbeing

she trusts and follows her heart and her dreams

she's the balance of both feminine and masculine energy within her being

who fights for what she truly believes in."

Donna xx

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