The way of living- unbalanced & unhealthy.

As I’m sure you are aware, the world is changing, it has been crying out for our help for years trying to get our attention with the wounded Masculine energy with the likes of wars, attacks and greed amongst other things. Just like us, our living needs a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies to thrive and survive but mankind over the centuries have been leaning more and more into the Masculine traits so much that the Feminine traits have been lost. Now I know there are many stories of patriarchy and the history of the fall of Feminine, where females were made to be objects for men, that men had to be seen and had to feel superior and that any female qualities and any devotion of the Feminine traits or the Goddesses were seen as witchcraft. This isn’t about the old or the Patriarchy but instead it's about us in the present moment and how the modern world in which we have been living has now begun to break down because each one of us have been forced to live in our Masculine energies and traits for too long.

My work isn’t to bring up or “fix” the past but to awaken the collective so you can begin to make a new balanced future for yourselves, your children and the Earth. We need the Feminine energies and traits to bring restoration into the broken ways of living. This is about the energies within your own life which have been subjected to this fast paced, multi-tasking, always doing way of life. It’s like you have been stuck on a hamster wheel that has been getting faster and faster over the recent years and you (and the Earth) became exhausted but couldn’t get off, until the wheel stopped in 2020, with Covid19 the Universe put the world on pause to help awaken, shake and show each of us just how unbalanced our lives and the world are. We are all born in a "Man’s World”, even as a child I felt and saw that life wasn’t balanced, I saw too many people stressed, drained, deflated and lost and even over my life I have seen this get worse over the past 30 years or so due the fast advancement of technology. We are now working harder and longer, we have phones that never leave us and can do everything so we are never “offline”, we have unlimited access to TV that we are not connected to ourselves, news feeds our fears and drains our life force, we don’t have time to enjoy life and we are constantly stressed, ill, exhausted.

We have been programmed to live in a survival Masculine only world, where striving, achieving, success, financial status, work status, constantly doing is celebrated and considered a healthy lifestyle, yet what we are seeing is more ill-health, mental health, breakdowns, suppressed anger, failing relationships and early deaths. The Masculine Traits we are living in right now: - Fast paced living- Long working hours- Constantly doing & on the go- Holding onto relationships/friendships that drain us- Our emotions are seen as weak- Success, achievements, money & power is the aim of life- We are told from the external world how to be, what to do, how we should live.- Control, force, competition, survival & separation is normal way of living - Technology has disconnected us from ourselves. Is this how you wish to continue to live your life? and how you want your children to live? This isn’t about blaming men as there are many women over the last 100 years who also pushed the Masculine traits on the world. Can you remember a female school teacher, a family member or a boss who embodied the full Masculine energy traits? Who told you to “toughen up”, “Work harder”, “Don’t cry”. ?

Take a moment to journal to your childhood, teens and young adult years, how were things in the world different? Calmer? Did you feel less pressured or more? Were the masculine traits in force for you from your family and society of how life should be and what you should do/how you should live/be? Were your Feminine traits of emotions and empathy looked down upon? We were born to live, experience life to the fullest, learn and grow as spiritual beings, yet we exist, live to only work and spend our life stressed and deflated, thinking this is what life only has to offer, that life is just a routine of Groundhog Day until we are free in retirement to enjoy life after “doing our time” of working to make ends met as we settle down and have children because that is what is expected of us in our adult life. The Divine Feminine is now so important to bring balance back for your wellbeing. You need both energies in a healthy balanced manner to be able to embrace a joyful, happy life. We all want a better way of living, a peaceful life, a safe world for our children to grow up in, it begins now, and it begins with you, we can’t wait for others, luck or hope that it will get better on its own, it won’t. It is up to each and every one of us individually to follow the whispers of our own Divine Feminine so that we can rise up together as a collective to help begin the change of a New Earth.

We need to release old ways, old beliefs and old structures. We need to teach our children new ways, new beliefs and new balanced structures. They are our future and the world is in their hands, we need to raise the lovers, the creatives, the passionates, the peacemakers, the light, we need to teach love, kindness, compassion for others, ourselves and the world. Who is going to teach them those traits? The old ways of education which is heavily Masculine of teaching how we should live, be and think or you? The Feminine, the embodiment of everything the world is needing right now, we all have the Feminine power, it is our responsibility to share, live and show that these important Feminine traits are powerful, healing and just as important as the Masculine traits. We need to teach our children to honour both traits as equal. The world cannot survive unbalanced anymore, left as it is, we shall experience more world fallings, more ill-health, more wars, more greed and more destruction within ourselves and as a collective.

We are awakening to build a new world that is balanced with love, compassion and a higher purpose of life. It begins with you awakening your sacred Divine Feminine.

Peace, Love & Light Donna

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