Time to Be your Own Heroine

As the Earth trembles around you it is now more important than ever to stand in your Feminine power. It is time for you to be the Heroine of your life and as painful as it is I have learnt along my own journey that no one is coming to save you- life won’t get easier, brighter or more peaceful until you embody all these things and more deeply in your own being and daily life.

It is a hard truth to swallow, I have sat waiting to be saved, for life to slow down, to have less stress in my life, for more excitement and fun to appear and guess what? I was waiting a long time. Because I was waiting for the universe and external life to hand me these things on a platter for I thought when the universe delivered all these things then I would then be able to be happy and stress free…. It didn’t work. What I did learn was that I had to be all the things I wanted, I had to discover I already had and was everything I was waiting for.

So if you want more peace in your life- be the peace

If you want more love in your life- give love and be love

If you are wanting fun in your days, what are you doing yourself to add fun into your days?

To be your own heroine is to awaken and nurture your Divine Goddess, to embrace all of the Divine Feminine aspects into your life so that you can begin to live life that is aligned to your soul values, your passions, your energy and your needs.

To be your own heroine means to say YES! to you- fully! To embrace everything that you are at your soul level.

This means a journey of uncovering layers of everything you thought you were and layers of what people expected you to be.

It’s unlearning all the beliefs you hold and welcoming in curiosity and wonder to discovering and living to your own soul values.

Its a journey of learning to hold yourself, nurture your heart from everything that is weighing it down.

It is being connected to your inner child for fun and excitement.

It is standing in strongly in who you are and being seen authentically.

It is taking responsibility for your own wellbeing, needs, desires and life.

Now more than ever souls are feeling the stirrings of their Feminine power within, SHE is calling to them (and calling to you) to unleash Her from the chains that have held Her down for so long. We are exhausted, deflated and lost in life because we aren’t living to be our most brightest selves, we are dimmed, kept small to fit in, to survive in a Masculine way of life, to be average, to be miserable and to do as we are told. You weren’t born to just exist and to survive, to be deflated and exhausted and putting your needs and desires on the shelf to only be regrets later in life. No!

It is your life….. your soul….. you can choose to stay small and hide in the shadows or you can now break free and unleash the Divine Goddess that you know you are.

It is time to take your power back, it is time to say no more!

It is time to reclaim the life you want.

It is time to thrive in your life and enjoy living once more.

You are here for a reason- to shine! You have your soul values, your passions, gifts and even your experiences for a reason which when you learn to live by and follow you will see they are there so that you can live life with joy and thrive in your life as only you know how.

Part of the journey is to uncover and remember all these passions, values and gifts… yet so many don’t….they stay existing in a world of groundhog day not aware of their light, not chasing their dreams, not knowing who they really are and what they’re here for…. Don’t let this be you. .

My heart breaks when I see deflated souls in the world, when I see their gifts and purpose that’s still uncovered, when they speak of their passions which lights up their spirit and eyes yet they don’t go after them.

Life is hard - yes, life is painful - very! yet we are subjected to the heaviness and pain of the world and living every moment…we are surrounded by all the bad things that it's no wonder we feel and live the way we do….we aren’t subjected to the wonder, the love, the joy that is living and being human…. We are told how to live our lives, we are told what we should do, be and think, we are told this is living, the pain, the suffering, the surviving….

But there are always two sides….you don’t have to live in this heaviness…to follow the crowd, to just exist…

I want you to come out of the shadows, I want you to see the beauty that you are, I want you to live your life not just exist, I want you to have no regrets and still be a bright badass when older….

But it’s your choice….to become Her, to become the Heroine of your story and write the book of your life YOUR way, by being who you are truly, fully and unapologetically.

This is why I’m so passionate about my Divine Goddess Circle.. a space where you can awaken, nurture and activate the Divine Goddess within you

A place where you can learn to be your own Heroine in your life.

A space where you are guided, supported and celebrated as you say yes! To you.. your life- your way ..

I shine and get excited seeing sisters shine..celebrating life with each other.- a sisterhood. My purpose is to inspire and motivate sisters to find and stand in their Goddess power.

So if you are ready to say yes! To being your own Heroine and awakening your Divine Goddess then you are invited into our sisterhood, each month will see a mix of workshops, workbooks, meditations, audios and everything you need to awaken, nurture and activate the divine goddess within…

Be the Heroine who saves herself.

Click below to join us.

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