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Trust your Soul

Updated: Mar 20

Dear Soul,

In a world where everyone is trying to teach you and heal you online it's important to be open to learn but to always check in with your own soul.

What resonates keep and what doesn't discard, remember the how to know what resonates with your soul.

How does your body feel?

How does your feelings feel about that?

Does it feel true to you?

Don't be quick to discard, again ponder and be curious spend time asking your soul if that feels right. Then take action or quietly walk away.

We are all on a healing journey because I feel that's what life is, but I prefer the term self discovery journey.

Where if we are open and curious we can dive deep into our own soul to really understand who we are and what we are here to do.

I also feel it's a lonely journey because no one else can hear our soul for us, no one else can do the work or tell us what to do for the best.

They can only listen and give advice but it's only you who deeply knows what is best for your own soul in any giving experience.

The great thing is that when you connect, nurture and follow your soul you raise your energy and vibration which in turn attracts your true soul tribe to you.

These are people who share your soul truths/values, who like what you like and are a vibrational match to your heart.

The downside is that people who aren't a match will begin to leave your life or they will begin to drain you and just not feel right anymore. This can be painful, but like the flow of everything in life. The coming and going of people is natural aswell.

Soul-led living is all about trusting yourself.

Trusting the process

Taking it step by step and checking in with your soul



In every moment.

Trust remember is a feeling, the deep knowing that the choice you're making is the right one for you, and sometimes the choices are hard to make but you just know you have to do the right thing for the wellness of your soul.

And yes you will be scared, you will worry and your mind will tell you you're crazy, people will tell you to be sensible and to think of others and not to be so reckless,

you won't be ready to jump into the new.

But your soul says trust me

So you take a deep breath,

and jump.

If we all connected, nurtured and followed our joy and soul, I'm sure the world would be a much kinder place, don't you?


Donna xx


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