What Divine Feminine Living is Not..

The Divine Feminine has been rising for the last few years with topics, conversations and Divine lightworkers helping to bring awareness of this important aspect into the collective consciousness.

There are many aspects and energies of the Divine Feminine which can lead to some confusion for those awakening on their spiritual healing journey. Many still believe that the Divine Feminine is targeted to only females and that the Divine Feminine can mean empowered, strong women who match the Masculine (men) in power and success when it comes to business, some see the Divine Feminine as the wild, untamed, sensual woman who lives free and authentically to her own rules, some feel the Twin flame connection where the Feminine comes into union with her Masculine, some (like me feel the Feminine as peace, freedom and light). It doesn't matter how you feel the Divine Feminine as at the root of it all is energy.

We all have within us both aspects of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine with one or the other being the more "dominate" energy, we also have wounded Feminine and Masculine aspects/energy within us which comes up for us to heal along our spiritual healing journey and there are many lightworkers who are here at this time to help you with this healing and connect you to you inner Feminine and Masculine energies.

My work is all about sharing and guiding souls on Divine Feminine Living, this means incorporating lost Feminine aspects into your daily life for balance, peace, joy and wellbeing let me explain..

You have been born into a heavy Masculine energy way of living where you have been brought up to strive, push, work hard, follow your head, survive and where success, money and power are the focus of a normal life and what you should aim for if you want a happy fulfilled life. You grew up with society "rules" and demands and where the Feminine aspects weren't taught or honoured as a healthy part of a balanced way of living. The aspects of the Divine Feminine have been lost from our daily life for centuries as we have learnt to suppress them in order to fit in and keep up with the heavy Masculine way of living and over the last 30 years with the advancement of technology life has got even more fast paced and demanding. Healthy Masculine aspects of living have become toxic to our wellbeing.

Action has become constantly working/doing

Logic has become worry, stress and anxiety

Confidence has become greed and power

Security has become survival, separation and anger.

(we aren't blaming men here as the Masculine is an energy with no gender)

In life you have surpassed your Feminine heart and the aspects needed for peace, joy and wellness. You have been taught that:

Showing emotions is a sign of weakness

Rest is lazy

Fun comes only after you have worked hard

Not to speak your own truth to fit in with others.

A life without the Divine Feminine aspects is a life of unbalance and we have seen a rise of this unbalance in the world over the last 5 years. We have seen an alarming rate of chronic illnesses, burnouts, anxiety and depression, emotional and mental health issues and unfortunately suicides-- why? because our souls weren't meant to fit into this unbalanced heavy Masculine way of living, our souls are exhausted trying to keep up, we aren't happy in our lives or with life, we feel deflated and lost and not sure why. It is because your soul is calling you to bring home the Divine Feminine to restore harmony once more.

Divine Feminine Living is what is important for the world to heal right now, while there are so many heated topics about you can't have one without the other and it's all about balance which it is but because we have been living in a wounded Masculine way for so long we need to bring in more of the Divine Feminine energy and aspects to help HEAL the wounded ways of living BEFORE we can live in a balanced state of healthy Masculine and Feminine in harmony with each other.

The Feminine aspects of compassion, communities, nurturing, connections, love and kindness is what will help heal the world and the unhealthy way of living.

Divine Feminine Living isn't about banishing the Masculine ways, taking over the power or ruling the world but helping to restore harmony and for that to happen the old ways of living need to fall, break and heal, the Feminine aspects are like the soothing band aid the world needs to heal.

We need the Masculine energy and Masculine aspects but we need the Masculine healthy to work alongside the healthy Feminine energies and aspects and right now the Feminine is called to step up more to help nurture and heal the wounded Masculine ways.

If you feel trapped by society's demands or you feel exhausted and deflated in your life know they are signs for you to call home the Divine Feminine aspects into your daily life, life won't get better, brighter or easier if you sit around waiting for it to get better, it is up to you to make the changes, bring home balance, bring home the Feminine and choose to make your life peaceful and happy for yourself and wellbeing.

It is now the perfect time to reconnect to your Feminine heart and the lost aspects of living so that you can build a new balanced way of living. Divine Feminine Living can help your physical health, your emotional health and help you heal from your past. It is time now to forgive the old ways of striving, surviving, suppressing your truth, your passions and your light and begin to shine in the world.

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