What Divine Feminine Living is to Me.

Updated: Feb 21

I have lived the Divine Feminine way for most of my life I just didn't realise it until just a few years ago while I was back deep into my spiritual healing journey once more.

I have never been able to fit into "normal" ways of life and truth is I have never wanted to, from a very young age I could sense that life wasn't right, healthy or happy. I felt the energies of adults who were stressed, unhappy and deflated of life around me, I had always felt different from other children and even adults, my free spirited soul remembered life wasn't meant to be like this, a remembrance which now in my adult life is here for me to share with you as my life purpose- to help restore balance in the way you live your life.

Growing up in a Masculine way of living I was obviously made to fit my natural energy and natural Feminine soul into the "normal"way of life, the more I had to fit in and push my soul and energy against its natural flow the more I began to feel deflated, so much so that at the age of 12 I fell ill with M.E. (Chronic fatigue Syndrome), my soul had enough that my physical body was exhausted yet I wasn't believed and was made to force my weak body to keep going which made me worse and mainly housebound throughout my teenage years, while embarking on my own healing journey I took to a zen lifestyle; managing my energy, meditation, yoga and listening to my body to get well which I managed for many years until a long 3 year relapse in 2016. It was here I discovered Divine Feminine Living, my soul wasn't designed to fit in with society ways each time I tried my body crashed and I knew this deeply from my years of healing yet many people think they are the broken ones because they can't fit into "normal" life, they constantly force their natural energies and Feminine aspects to be like others, they want and strive to live the fast-paced way of living and being but truth is that's not healthy or a normal way of living either and those who are on the fast paced way of living which we think is normal will soon also burn out, have health issues and crash.

Divine Feminine Living is all about being true to your own soul energy, your soul truths and living a peaceful life that is healthy for you and keeps your soul shining. It means to know that you're not meant to fit into the modern way of Masculine living and instead honour your natural Feminine Living.

The harmful Masculine way of life.

We were born in a mans world, grown up to believe that working long hours and working hard will give us happiness, security and success, a world where we are told when to wake up and when to go to bed (9-3 school times and (9-5 working days), a world where we are pushed to be productive all the time otherwise we're lazy, a world where we never switch off from our digital life, a world where money, power and achievements are seen as prime focus and fulfilment in life.

This is the world that angers me and has since I was a small child, this isn't living it's surviving with impossible demands and programming souls to fit in a one size fits all box, a box many souls don't fit.

We get programmed to how we should live, what age we should get married and have kids, what job we should have depending on our grades, to have it all working constantly while balancing families, finance and a social life.. exhausting !

While being brought up to live in this Masculine way we have also been brought up to suppress the Feminine aspects of ourselves and of living, we are told to toughen up, not be too emotional and not to trust our intuition,,to stop being lazy, to get a real job and to grow up. We live to make ends met and along the way we lose the spark of life, our hobbies, joy and wonder of the world gets lost as we get older deflating our soul even more. We have become separated from others, from life and most importantly from our own spirit.

The healing Feminine Balance

The Feminine aspects are what needs to come back to help restore balance of living, for our health and wellbeing, you soul needs these aspects, it has been nudging you to listen in the form of exhaustion, emotions and feelings have you been listening? We are so disconnected from our Feminine Intuition we can't hear and don't listen to the whispers of our soul, to know what we really need, to know how to heal, to know how to move forward to live in peace and happiness.

The Divine Aspects include:

Being (balancing doing with being)

Nurturing (more rest, self care, self love)

Intuition (listening, trusting and following your soul)

Truth (speak your soul truth, honour your emotions and feelings)

Joy (spend time doing things that make your heart sing)

Compassion (to yourself, others and the world)

Community (helping others with kindness)

Flow (learning to live in the ebb and flow of life)

To live the Divine Feminine way you need to start incorporating these aspects into your daily life, to step out of the Masculine mind of how you should live and what you should do and listen to your own truth and follow that path.

If you want peace, wellbeing, joy and freedom in your life you have to break the chains that are holding your spirit down.

If you struggle living and fitting in with the Masculine ways of living, don't belittle your soul to try and fit in with the masses which exhausts you, honour that you were meant to live a more peaceful, healthier and simpler way and begin to lead the way for others to follow.

Peace, love and light


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