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What is the practice of Heartfulness & who I feel is a true warrior woman.

Updated: Oct 26

Heartfulness is the spiritual practice of coming home to the light of your heart in any given moment of your life.

Living your daily life with the aspects of courage, peace, Grace, joy and faith and love

It is about doing what you feel is right rather than what you think is right

even when it feels scary.

It is about following what lights you up and excites you.

It is about giving yourself the things that will give your heart a sense of peace.

It is about self-love, self-care and self-worth.

It is about honouring your wellbeing and happiness

It is about getting back up after falling & never giving up

It is about accepting experiences with the act of Grace

It is about letting the rose of your heart bloom in both the joy and pain of life

It is about honouring your humanness and your spiritual being

It is about service to the world, community, of helping those in need

It is about connection- to others, to nature, to yourself, to divine source

It is the practice of a Heartful warrior -which we all are.

It's about loving and living life to the fullest while you are here.

When we think of a warrior woman we imagine Wonder Woman or Joan of Arc, maybe some strong Viking woman with warpaint on her face screaming her way into a battle with her amour and swords but what if I share with you my image of a true warrior woman...

Mother Mary.

now I am not religious at all, nor am I on a higher dimensional plane like some spiritual gurus tell us they are, however I have always been connected to Mother Mary for many reasons over my life, and here is why to me she is the aspect of a true warrior woman.

She was human, she was a mother and throughout her life she faced a lot of pain and trauma

like we all do but she practiced the art of Heartfulness throughout her life and especially in pain.

She didn't run into battle screaming at the people who killed her son, she didn't seek revenge and she didn't turn bitter and cold and played the victim and hated her life.

Every story I hear of Mother Mary I see the aspects of a true warrior;

courage, faith and trust, Grace and surrender, peace and love-

The practice of Heartfulness.

She is the embodiment of showing us to keep your heart open, to love, to find peace, to offer comfort and encouragement as we go through life- her warrior energy leads you out of the darkness with hope and into the light of peace and love.

And it is Mother Mary's soft warrior spirit and her practice of heartfulness that is the basis of all my writing, to share with you that you too can come home to the light of your heart and with supportive encouragement you can lead yourself out of the darkness and into a life of peace and joy.

Heartfulness Prompts:

Which aspects of Heartfulness do I need to embody in my life right now?

How can I call in the Gentleness of Mother Mary's warrior spirit to support me right now?

Donna xx

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