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What she thought was her darkness

Updated: Aug 12

She didn't fit in

she never has

she felt like a visitor planted here on earth

an outsider

an observer of life

watching everyone else's life story unfold

while she was still waiting for hers to be told.


She always felt alone

in the sea of crowds

why was she different

why didn't people understand her

and her mystical ways

how she felt invisible

unimportant to life

was the world not ready

to hear her voice

would anyone even care to listen to her.


Oh, if only she knew

how important she was to the world

a special soul here on a mission

to raise the frequency of peace and joy

to spread sparkle and light

into deflated hearts

even if that meant she stood alone

the world needed what she had to give

and she had to accept

some people wouldn't get her

especially those who were closest to her.


What she thought was her weirdness

was really her uniqueness

What she thought was her darkness

was really birthing her destiny

what she thought was her weakness

was really her power

to change the world.


For she was a very special spiritual being

here to heal Earth.


Heartfulness practice:

Sit for a few moments

and place your hands onto your heart

take a few slow deep breaths

to soften your body and mind

focus on the rising and falling of your chest

can you begin to feel her gentle beat?

The pulse is a reminder

that you matter here on Earth

that you are meant to be here at this time

for what? only your heart knows


and she will whisper it all.

Donna xx


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