When You Are Lost In Uncertainty.

It hurts- the unknown, the uncertainty, your future hidden in the depths of deep fog and you don't know which way to go.

But you also know you can't stay here either,

Here is feeling lost, alone and scared,

You have been here for far too long, you know it's time to move on.

You know no one is coming to save you, only you can save yourself,

You know nothing will change if you stay here,

You have to take a step but which way?

You can wander in curiosity or you can panic and run in circles,

If you're searching for a map in the sea of grass -stop.

Goddess your heart is your map to guide you home.

But how can you trust your heart?

How can you hear its whispers in the wind?

Begin to feel the Earth beneath your feet, know that you're held.

Begin to hear the echoes of the trees, know that you're guided,

Begin to trust in the unseen, know that you're safe,

Feel the pull of your spirit, believe that you are on your way,

Step by small step.

One breath at a time.

Keep moving forward,

And soon the fog will lift, you will find clarity,

You will see how far you have come,

Your future is now your present,

A gift to cherish and hold.

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