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When your heart has been shattered..

Updated: Jun 1

Dear Soul

We have all been there, having our hearts broken in a split second and left with the shattered pieces of hurt, grief, anger and abandonment to pick up

The world has stopped in silence

And all I can hear

Is the sound of my heart breaking

Into a million pieces

Life isn't all love and light and we can't bypass painful experiences, and as humans who feel, love and laugh, we are also humans who hurt, cry and break.

What about those moments of feeling broken and hurting full of rage, anger and pain?

We suppress them, we cry, we tell ourselves to pick ourselves up and get on with it but the anger and pain still bubbles inside.

Anger has been an emotion that has caused me physical and emotional pain, within my liver (the storehouse of anger) years of suppressing my feelings and my voice of being hurt, of having my heart and boundaries crossed and not being heard or felt important, kept leading me to pain.

A message from my body that I needed to open my mouth and scream.

To let everything out, to say what I wanted and needed to say, to stop being calm, or the bigger person, to stop being all love and light, to stop acting like I wasn't hurt, to stop being scared of telling people I'm angry because I don't want to upset them, so I did....

I took my pen and wrote

This pain in my heart

Hurts so bad

It's brought me to my knees

The tears they aren't stopping

Will they ever end

My heart feels like it's been ripped out

This pain in my heart

Hurts so bad

I voiced my anger in the only way I knew by writing it out and into a book....

My shattered heart poetry collection was birthed from that healing process. I channeled all of my old anger from heartbreaks of relationships, dating, grief of losing loved ones and all my anger from feeling abandoned and not being allowed to voice anger as a child into raw, in the moment words of feeling.

All the hurt, grief and anger.

All the feelings we don't honour and don't allow ourselves to feel.

And a funny thing happened when I finished writing My Shattered Heart. Something shifted, a lightness, a letting go...

While most of my writing is to comfort, inspire and motivate you in life, well-being and following your heart for happiness, I also know we will and have had times of pain and I wouldn't be a writer if I didn't write of those aswell.

So if right now you're heart broken, crying, grieving and angry from break ups, losing someone and/or feeling alone and abandoned. These 152 poems are for you, to help you know you're not alone, to honour your anger and to move it from your body in the way that feels right for you.

And please remember

You didn't deserve all this pain

All the hurt and feeling abandoned

My love to you



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