Why don't you trust your soul, sweet one?

Have you ever sat with your fear and asked it why it's there?

If you were to ask yourself truly what is it your fearing, it's not the unknown but rather it's the lack of trust.

You might look deeper within and see that you don't trust the world, other people or even yourself?

So why don't you trust your soul, sweet one?

Who told you you can't ?

What happened for you to forget the power, possibilities and strength that you have ?

When did you let fear take charge?

When did you decide that you're done?

Why don't you trust your soul, sweet one?

Don't you know you are the one?

The one who can do anything.

Don't feel deflated, no more,

Don't feel alone and scared,

Stand in your power and be the Queen.

Thank the fear, for it is only the messenger,

Rise up and reclaim your trust.

Stand tall in your power,

Shake if you must,

Take charge of your life,

For it is your life to make.

Donna Owens May 2021.

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