Why I am so passionate to Support Sisters Awaken their Divine Goddess.

It’s lonely when you feel hidden in the shadows.

It’s hard to thrive in your life when you don’t have the support or the right people around you who inspire you, motivate you and celebrate with you.

It's hard to love life when you feel unloved by the world.

Growing up I often felt alone when it came to my spiritual beliefs, my views of living, my empath and highly sensitive traits and even my dreams. I didn’t have the emotional support, I didn’t have people around me to look up to, to help me and support me or who shared my views and excitement about my passions. I wasn’t heard or believed as a teen, I spent most of my teen years housebound with a chronic illness not able to go and make friends, as single child I was alone most of the time having to entertain myself and my teen years were filled with anger about everything I was I missing emotionally around me. My material needs were provided for but my soul was deflated, my heart heavy, feeling like the black sheep of the family, the one that wouldn’t mount to anything, I felt invisible, not nurtured or cheered on to do great things. I didn't have the Divine Feminine..

This is to share to why I am so passionate about supporting other sisters because I know from all my life that support, fun, connection and the Divine Feminine aspects are so important.

I don’t want you to feel alone. We have all become disconnected from each other, seeing each other as competition, separate and alone to survive in the world, we don't trust people, we have contacts in our phone but no one talks anymore, we assume everyone's too busy and sorted in their life that we don't want to bother them.

Sister you need support! You need girlfriends who cheer you on, hold space and bring the ice cream when needed and to celebrate and dance your wins with you with as much excitement and love as you would them.

I am that sister,

I’ve didn't have with connection to others for so long, I kept my head down, struggled in silence, celebrated in silence and it took me down a very long healing journey of self love, self worth and about being seen and held by others.

You deserve sisters who inspire you, get you, see you, hear you, motivate you and dance with you.
Sisters who makes you feel loved, capable and brings joy into your life.

I'm so passionate about helping you because I never had this and I know it’s lonely hiding in the shadows, not being seen by those who should be our biggest support and cheer leaders.

This is what I do in my 3 Steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess course, not only do you get Divine Feminine guidance to help you step out of the shadows to shine in your life but you have full sister support, chats, laughter, celebration and connection along your journey.

Something we all need!

Building sister connections is so important to me these days. I know the power of words and support, it opens your heart to feel loved, motivated to step out of feeling deflated in your life and into your power to be the Goddess that you are, to own your life, to be your own heroine. To live.

So let's do this Sister! Awaken your Divine Goddess, let her free, blind others with your light and set the world on fire with your passion.


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