Why I Live the Divine Feminine Way.

Updated: Feb 21

My soul and body has never fitted into the modern world of living- from school to working life following the crowd and "rules" of life exhausted my entire being for most of my life. I pushed my soul and body into the ways of living thinking I wasn't normal because I struggled physically with life demands.

My physical body broke down when I was 12 years old with the chronic illness M.E. years of pushing my body mentally, physically and emotionally into a system of education that went against everything my inner soul knew about life and living. Living with this illness I had to create my own life, a life where I balanced living and my energy on a daily basis, back in the 90s I called this my zen lifestyle because I had to learn to pace, rest and adapt my life so I didn't over push my limits and for many years I lived perfectly this way following my own rules of how I lived my life but then I had a massive M.E. Relapse in 2016 which left me mostly housebound and to reassess my life. I had been back to pushing and striving, trying to fit into the fast paced way of "normal" living, living like everyone else more so than I ever had to because this time around I was a single mum with bills to pay and a child to look after. I had pushed so hard that once again my body said no. In my 3 year relapse I delved back into my spiritual journey of self discovery, I focused on my soul, I faced my fears and invited my demons to tea, as-well I wrote 2 books to help others with M.E and healing.

Now I know it was all part of the bigger plan to help raise consciousness of the Divine Feminine way of living, along my soul searching I discovered the aspects of Divine Feminine and Masculine which are all around us and within us. I spent time discovering that I have natural Divine Feminine aspects and beliefs, I discovered past lives of being a fortune teller, priestess and healer all with the message of living in a harmonious balanced way, when I came to this lifetime I deeply knew from a every young age that the way of living was wrong and wasn't the way it was meant to be.

So as I grew up and the more I tried to force my soul and energy into the "normal" way of the world the more ill I became. I have always felt lonely yet overwhelmed in crowds, the noise, the energies drained me, I always said I felt like I was on pause while the rest of the world around me was on fast forward and my energy drained in seconds as if I was their power supply. I have always struggled to keep to routines and forcing my body to wake up at set times, I have to wake naturally and not rush in the mornings, it's my time for stillness. I struggle with 9-5 working life, my soul is a free spirit and a natural creative with a message to share with the world.

Over the years I have seen so many souls who are drained by trying to fit into the Masculine ways of living, we aren't meant to all fit in one way of living, this is way we have been brought up to believe is the right and only way of living, yet the more souls try to fit in the more they are exhausted, yet they want to be seen as "normal" in society, but truth is: they are the normal ones for not fitting in. The way we have been living is so heavily wounded Masculine ways from how we are taught at school, long working hours and the way we work to society demands put on us, the fast paced way of living isn't healthy for anyone, why would we want to live like that? Why do you think there is so many souls stressed, ill health, mental health issues? We aren't designed to live our life all one way.

I have always had to follow my soul for my health even if in the external world it was hard such as leaving relationships, moving, always working for myself, saying no to societies demands, sticking to my guns and stepping back from things to feel free. Some may say its selfish, but my life, my health is my priority, if something doesn't align to my soul I'm not going to go along with it and make myself ill to fit into what others want or expect from me. I have had some tough heart breaking choices to make over the years as well as what I guess some may call sacrifices I left my home, careers and people to thrive in my life, I have always followed my soul to guide me where to go, even when my ego didn't want to do things.

How I live the Divine Feminine Way

- I deeply soul search and question everything every day- asking does it align to my soul truth?

- I connect and embrace my natural Feminine Traits- Creativity, freedom, passion, stillness

- I Know and live by my souls truths- Freedom, Spirituality, Creativity, Accomplishment, Peace

- I remove what drains my energy

- I spend time nurturing my heart space

- I face my triggers, demons, fears and pain to transmute them

- I nurture and bring in my inner child for fun

- I am committed to my wellbeing, spiritual growth and learning each step of my journey

- I listen, trust and follow my heart

Now the world is needing the Divine Feminine Living to come home to help restore the balance of living for everyones wellbeing. The old ways are falling so that the new can be planted. We are the gardeners of the New Earth, here to tend to the Earth, heal the Masculine ways and grow a beautiful garden. I know my life has lead me to sharing the message of balance, of wellbeing and of the Divine Feminine. I have lived the Divine Feminine way most of my life and now I'm here to share and guide others to do the same.

2021 is the year of the Divine Feminine, as more souls begin to take a step to build the new within their own life we raise the healing of the world.

Divine Feminine Living means living from the light of your heart, living to your energy, soul truths and passions, reclaiming your light, joy and happiness in your life.

Are you ready to live the Divine Feminine way?

Make 2021 the year you reconnect, nurture and activate the light of your Divine heart to shine in your life.

Peace, Love & Light

Donna xx

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