Why it's now important to raise your Divine Feminine and 4 Feminine Traits to awaken.

For centuries the world has been led by the masculine energy; full of striving, doing, pushing, winning, multi-tasking, achieving, working harder, worker longer, controlling, living in a world of unwritten and outdated rules and beliefs. Alongside this the world has seen an alarming rise of mental health issues, ill-health, stress, burnouts and breakdowns while we still push on to keep doing it all.

In 2020 the world stopped and it opened a gateway for people to wake up, rest and to see for themselves just how out of balance they and the world have become. The world and each one of us cannot keep going in the fast paced masculine energy of the world without destroying our world and ourselves in the process.

In order to come back into balance, harmony and wellbeing we need to step into our feminine power, ignite and reconnect to the light within our heart, a power which over the years have been suppressed, dismissed and buried in order to keep up with the fast paced way of living and constantly doing.

This Feminine power is what we have seen a glimpse of while the world was in lockdown; a power of compassion, patience, love and gentleness for ourselves, our communities and the world and it’s now time for the feminine to rise even more and work in harmony alongside the masculine energy. The old ways, structures and workings we once knew are starting to crumble, as people awaken to a different way, we will see shifts of how people live, work and communicate with each other.

Life will be more peaceful, happier, more meaningful, but it won't happen for you, you have to be the light, the change, the voice for yourself, your life and the ripple effect it will have on others and the world. It is up to you to reconnect to your light, your heart, to face your darkness and transmute it to light, to heal and to step out of the masculine ways of the world and into your Feminine power.

Maybe you have heard your feminine soul call you?

Maybe you know your life can’t go back to how it was?

Maybe you realise how stressed you were before or how ill constantly doing, striving and pushing made you?

Maybe you have seen a glimmer of a new way of being and living, a more peaceful, purpose driven and happier life?

Awakening your Divine Feminine means connecting back to the lost part of your soul, learning to balance your masculine energy with your feminine energy, knowing when to BE more instead of DOING more, a time to nurture yourself and your needs, a time to listen to your intuition and soul guidance and live from a place of gentleness, joy and harmony.

How amazing would it be to live your life in balance, doing what you love for work, honouring your self before the demands of others, being in the present moment and enjoying it? Having an open heart to the gift of life? How happy would you be if you had more time with loved ones and your hobbies ? Slowing down to rest, appreciate the small things? Life is for living and we haven’t lived - just existed, we have been too busy to make time for joy, laughter and fun and we have forgotten to take care of ourselves, others and our world.

Your Divine Feminine is ready for you to call her in.

She’s ready to lead you on a soul discovery journey of finding who you really are, to begin living in harmony with your soul and your values so you can live your life full of peace, passion and purpose, are you ready?

The Divine Feminine is a collection of many traits and gifts which are essential for our health and wellbeing but many of these traits are often not honoured as fully as they should be because the world we live in relies heavily on the Masculine traits to live. It is now time to bring back the balance of these two energies into harmony within us so that the harmony of the world can also be restored. (As within, So without, as the saying goes). One energy, either Masculine or Feminine is not better than the other, both are important and needed to work together for us to experience a happy, fulfilling and healthy life but over time we have forgotten to tap into, use and honour our Feminine traits and merge our Feminine with our Masculine energy to become a powerful force of light and love.

Here are 4 Feminine Traits within you (these traits are found in both men and female as these energies aren't about gender) which are calling you to awaken and practice to bring balance in many areas of your life?

1) Nurturing:

The Divine Feminine is motherly, nurturing, caring, supportive and protective. She cares and looks after others, the Earth and herself, something we have forgotten to do in the modern world- Nurture ourselves, we give but are unable receive, by drawing the Masculine Energy she is able to have a healthy balance of giving with receiving in all aspects of her life.

2) Intuition:

The Divine Feminine is intuitive, knowledgable and physic. How often have you had a "gut feeling", a deep knowing that couldn't be explained but you have ignored it? The Feminine energy honours their inner knowing and guidance rather than looking for answers in the external world, by drawing the Masculine Energy she is able to take intuitive action steps on her inner wisdom and not ignore her inner knowing.

3) Creative:

The Divine Feminine creates life. She births not only children of the future but paintings, books and songs. She learns to express herself in creative ways, she moves and sings, she creates time to create, she uses her creativity to help others, to make others smile and raise peoples' spirits, by drawing the Masculine Energy she is confident, driven and focused in her creative talents and passions.

4) Wild: The Divine Feminine is wild, unkept, expressive, her own spirit, honours her flow of emotions, and the natural flow of the universe, she knows her self worth, her power, she follows her heart and is unapologetic in how she lives her life, by drawing the Masculine Energy she also becomes a warrior of strength in times of challenge and is able to rise from her battles stronger.

These traits are so different but they all reside within you, the Feminine energy is a power house of magic, wonder and unlimited possibilities which you can learn to awaken and tap into to create a life that is aligned to your soul, where you raise your joyful vibrations to life while able to help to restore the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Energies of the World.

What trait will you awaken first?

Love & Blessings

Donna xxx

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