Words Are Spells And Create Your Reality.

Words are the wind that can create a warm summer breeze or a thunderous hurricane within you.

What people say and what you tell yourself - are spells, words which have the power to lift you high or kick you down.

They create your beliefs and your reality and they can either crack your heart wide open or shatter it in just one sentence.

People are careless with words, many times I was told I was too sensitive when a comment hurt my feelings, I was told that they didn't mean anything, that it was just words and unfortunately it can be those closest to you who create the most hurt with what they say.

Over the years questions such as; "why don't you have a job?", "why can't you just try ?", "what are you doing?", "is that a real job?", "Should you be wearing that?" "Maybe you should just quit & give up?" "You can't do that" and for years I questioned my own worth and life based on these words and questions of others..I kept telling myself I didn't have a job, that I could never earn from my writing, questioning "Am I lazy, is it all in my head?", "maybe I should just quit!"

The words of others deflated my soul and hurt me purely because I wanted and needed words of support, encouragement and celebration to keep me going and over time I adapted these negative beliefs as truth.... that I was worthless, useless, lazy, broke and struggling and I found in my life I stopped believing in me, my dreams and gifts and I didn't have the inspiration, motivation and love to show the world otherwise. I was living in their reality of me from their words which casted a spell on how I lived my life and what I was telling myself, oh how different it could have been if the words were full of positive magic?

If words have hurt you, you are allowed to feel the deflation, the hurt after all it is not just the words that have hurt you, it was most likely who said them too. You expected more from these people; love, support and proudness and instead you feel discouraged, unheard and hurt. Let your hurt be heard safely, journal, move, walk, even calmly speak your hurt.

But then goddess, you have a choice.

To continue to repeat the words that have hurt you, which will continue to hold the spell over your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and create your reality.


to then use those words to create the fuel you need to keep moving forward, to keep the fire and passion within your heart alight, don't let words from others put out your fire use them to burn even brighter.

This isn't a to prove others wrong or to "show them" it's taking the lower vibration of their words and changing them into a positive to drive you and motivate you to be the Goddess you know you're meant to be.

This is why I love affirmations, quotes and books for what I read, speak and see can inspire me and lift me up, now when people question me I tell them confidently who I am,

I am a writer

I weave words to create magic, light and to touch and open hearts of many.

I use my words to the power of good to inspire, support and motivate women to awaken their Divine Goddess.

I know the power of words,

I know words heal or hurt,

that is why I am a writer,

it is not a job or something I do,

It is who I am ..

and the world needs my magic..

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