Your Goddess Light Wasn't Meant To Fit In.

For a long time I struggled to stand in my Goddess power because I felt I was often judged as I work from home and have always been my own boss... whispers of she doesn't work, how does she live? she does nothing! I never see her go to work! echoed in the coos of the birds that sat in the trees.

Really I was just judging myself because I was different, had different values to life, I felt like my work wasn't work, that I was the weird one, that I didn't fit in to the "way of life", that I was useless and lazy.....

but I wasn't meant to fit in

I was born to be free, to be creative, to breathe passion into my days.

I was born to inspire, motivate and guide others with my words.

I was born to step out of the box and stand in my Goddess power to lead the way

because my light was meant to shine bright

and I'm here to remind you Goddess your light wasn't meant to fit in either....

You were made for more,

so step out of the shadows and shine your light

Own your Goddess light, own your life.

Follow your passions and your truth.

Goddess, you weren't born to fit in.

stand tall, stand bright.

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