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Your inner child

Updated: Feb 7

Your inner child holds your soul's gifts

she knows your purpose in the world

yet bound on Earth over time

society has shut your inner child's golden light out

afraid of your power

afraid of your light.


Your inner child sits crystallised within your heart

yearning for you to reach out and let your inner maiden out

to tend to the hurt and loneliness that child feels

having to live here alone on Earth.


Too many years she's been ignored

and not being heard.

Your inner child is a child of light

here to make the world bright

to shower it with tenderness and joy

she holds the key

to the doorway of new ways.


Your inner child was sent here to Earth

not to be enslaved by the old ways of living

but to stand out and not follow the crowd

to show a new way of thinking, being and living

to once again restore peace on Earth.


It is time to set your inner child free

to allow her to play, laugh and shine

and to guide you to the door of light and love.


Heartfulness Prayer:

Little me, I am sorry for ignoring you for so long

for not hearing your little cries

for leaving you as I wandered off path

I am here now

with open loving arms

I release you and set you free

I hold you and nurture you

come let us play.


Heartfulness Practice:

What did you love to do as a child that made you happy?

Can you incorporate that into your week?

Donna xx


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