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Your Spirit wants to fly high.

Updated: Jun 1

Dear Soul,


You yearn for joy and fun

to dance around in the summer sun

but you feel you are stuck

not sure where to begin


Your spirit wants to fly high,

to feel free

and to feel the warm gentle breeze

but you feel your wings are clipped

tied down with life demands


You’re feeling deflated because your soul isn’t lit,

it's needing fun, adventure and some loving attention

your spirit doesn’t lose these needs as you grow older

it is your mind and life which snaps them from you


And it is all too easy to sit and mope

feeling like your wings are tied with rope

thinking that the fun has gone

but you are the one who can break yourself free


To feel the spark of joy again

means coming back to all the things which you used to do

all the things that sets your heart alight

all the joy and fun that makes you feel bright

to call home all the things that you put on the shelf

stop saying you’re too old, too tired

for joy and fun is what keeps your spirit and body young


Here is your chance

to open the cage, untie your wings and let your spirit free, to add in little moments of joy and fun

all the things which makes your heart sing


Daily joy helps your mood, health and wellbeing, it doesn’t have to be much; a smile, a hug, a hobby, a book, a walk, a bath, laughter or a dance.

Try adding one thing of joy into your day today and notice the uplifted mood of your soul.



What fun things will make my spirit happy?



I allow myself to have fun and feel free again



Donna xx

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