Your True Soul Values & Why They Are Important.

Updated: Jan 5

My soul chose to live the Divine Feminine way long before I was born, my Earth experiences of ill-health, empathy and being a highly sensitive being were all nudges towards the life my soul craved- peace and joy.

What are your values? Most will say "Happiness, Love, Security and Safety". Are any of those yours? These values are what I call "Global" Values, values we all want and need in our life to feel balanced but we often think that these are the only values we should have in our life or that these 4 are the only values of the world but we all have unique deep soul values within our heart, values that create who we are and make up our talents and gifts for the world. These soul values are often hidden and we don't reach for them within ourselves because we are often too disconnected from our own hearts and too busy trying to keep up with the worlds demands. When we don't live by our true soul values we can feel like something is missing from our life no matter how much love, security and happiness we have in our external life.

Soul values are unique to you, they are about 4-6 values and a mix of both Feminine and Masculine traits but most often we tend to have a dominating energy. Some peoples' soul values can be more Masculine including, accomplishment, competitive, power etc with very few Feminine values and others may have a dominating Feminine values such as peace, service, beauty etc and not many. Masculine values, just because you have more than the other doesn't mean you are imbalanced or that one is better than the other, because your values are part of your soul, they make you who you are at a soul level and when you are able to know what your soul values are, you can see if you are living by them in your daily life and if you are not, you can begin to incorporate them into your life for more happiness and fulfilment.

For most light workers, star seeds, empaths we tend to have more Feminine soul traits than Masculine, this is why we often feel we don't fit in with the ways of the world or the world's ways feel wrong to us at a soul level. It's why we often feel exhausted and deflated in life because we aren't living to our true soul values and instead trying to fit in with the worlds values and even other peoples values.

Soul values are important to our global values when we live by our soul values we naturally draw the global values into our life (love, happiness, security and safety) because we are living true to our authentic self.

My deep soul values are all mostly Feminine based and before I delved into finding my true soul values I felt lost in life, stuck and unhappy trying to fit in with the rest of the world's values which are mostly Masculine based values (Success, Hard-work, Strength etc).

Some of my Values are:

Freedom: Freedom Value to me is: to live your life on your values and truth, to live in alignment to your values, beliefs and passions, to live with more joy, passion and purpose.

Passion: Passion value to me is: to do what lights your heart up, to focus on what makes you happy and excited, to be creative, to carry out your hobbies often to raise your vibrations.

Spirituality: Spirituality value to me means: To follow your heart, to keep learning and growing in life, to trust the universe and be connected to the Divine light.

Accomplishment: One of my 2 Masculine values, I have this value so I can accomplish my life mission in the world, it helps me accomplish writing books, creating content and finishing what I've started. Accomplishment value to me means: to live with no regrets, to believe in yourself, to live the life you want, to be the person you truly are and to do what you love.

How do you know or find out your true soul values? You go within, you ask your heart, you feel what is right by how you feel and how your body responds, you drop from your ego/mind and into the space of wisdom.

Light & Blessings

Donna x

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