Call Home your Divine Feminine in 4 Weeks with this 10 page Workbook.


Your soul is calling you for more Being, more Nurturing and more Joy in your daily life. Maybe you feel tired, not looking after yourself as much as you should and have put your joy and happiness on the shelf for others, Light Sister, it's time to call home your Divine Feminine, to reconnect to your heart to begin to live a life of balance, peace and wellness.


In this Workbook, which i have made to fit into your busy life I share three important Femimine aspects wih you to add into your days:

Week 1: Being

Week 2: Nurture

Week 3: Joy 

Week 4: Putting them all together..


These apsects are important to keep you present in the moment, to keep you looking after yourself so you can look after others and to keep your vibe high with joyful things, yet in modern life it is these aspects we have learnt to forget in favour of the fastt paced Masculine ways of living. 


Light Sister it is time to call home your Divine Femimine..

Call Home your Divine Feminine in 4 Weeks

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