Introduction to Divine Feminine Living is your first step into discovering and embracing the lost Feminine aspects of living. Aspects of Being, Intuition, Truth, Compassion, Joy and Flow.


A full 40+ page Coursebook  inviting you to begin to bring these aspects into your daily life which you can do in your own time. 

In this course you will:

  • Discover what Divine Feminine Living is

  • How to begin to live the Divine Feminine way

  • Be Introduced to the 6 Divine Feminine aspects

  • Begin to incorporate these aspects into your daily life 

  • Full of Meditations, Journal prompt questions & Reflection sheets on each Divine Feminine Aspect.

  • Get text support anytime from Donna 

A coursebook you can:

  • Do in your own time

  • Return to as often as you need

  • Keep as your guide and connection to your soul.

Divine Feminine Living is a spiritual journey of which we are bringing back balance in the way we live for peace, happiness and wellness. It is a journey of healing, growing and glowing to free your soul, your gifts and your light into the world. 


Invest in your peace, wellbeing and soul today by stepping out of the exhaustion and into the light of your heart. 


Introduction to Divine Feminine Living

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