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She vs Life: The Collection Book

She vs Life is a poetry book that celebrates the resilience and beauty of women who face the challenges and joys of life. It is a collection of poems that explore the themes of feeling lost and deflated, empowerment, healing, and hope. The poems are written in a simple yet loving language that captures the emotions and experiences of the author and the readers. She vs Life is a poetry book for women who dance the highs and lows of life with grace and courage.


This little book relates to my heart. Full of real feelings about life which I and I’m sure many other women can relate to along their life journey. Full of comforting words of hope it’s a book I’m constantly picking up to read.

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About Donna Owens Writer

Donna is a poetic writer and joy mentor who inspires you to follow your heart and pursue your joy.
she is the encouraging, supportive, uplifting and motivational voice that you need to hear when you feel deflated or discouraged for she believes that following your heart and pursuing your joy is the key to a fulfilling life. 

Through her loving words of courage, faith, peace and joy she encourages you to embrace the aspects of heartfulness so you can live with joy. 

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