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For the woman dancing the highs & lows of life

Let your soul be nurtured and inspired each week with poetic oracle messages on life, well-being and following your soul with the added practice of journaling to help you connect, nurture and take action on the callings of your soul.

These emails are a safe space to connect to your heart for self-reflection, self-care and self-discovery, a space for you to disconnect from the external world and tune in to the whispers within for your emotional wellbeing.

Every Sunday straight to your inbox and heart you will receive

a poetic oracle message on life, well-being and following your soul to nurture and inspire you.

A mindful journaling prompt associated with the poetic message for you to sit with

and reflect for self-healing, self-growth and self-empowerment.

You will also have access to The Rose Sisterhood Blog where you will find lots more articles, poetic messages, mindfulness practices and journaling for your well-being and happiness journey.

These weekly emails are a gift for yourself, a gift of self-care and self-love.

These weekly Emails are for the woman who need

comfort and peace as she journeys home to herself

For the woman who needs

to be uplifted with joy as she pursues her passions and to love living her life

For the woman who needs

encouraging support and faith as she rises back from the darkness

my words are for you. 

"Donna's uplifting words full of passion, hope and encouragement,

life experiences and spiritual wisdom will help you to live authentically,

to follow the inner guidance of your soul and to embrace life with an open heart.. "

"Donna is your cheerleader, your guiding mentor, your soul sister.

who empowers you to shine your light with the world."

Weekly Emails for your Soul

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Thank you for yesterday's message, i don't know how you manage it but it always is so eloquent, catches your attention and most of all resonates beyond compare. It's amazing.


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