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Heart felt words to inspire, comfort and motivate you along your journey of life.


Hey Goddess, I'm Donna,

Author of self help books, Creator of Goddess Journals, A free-spirit and a crazy cat lady.​

Through my writing and books I hope..

My words touch your heart,

My words guide you along your journey,

My words comfort and motivate you.

Writing is my passion and it is also my full time career so I want to say thank you for all your loving support Goddess. 



Donna xx

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We are all on a spiritual healing journey in life. 

Life happens- we break, we burn, we crash, we weep, we smile and we leap.

Through life’s challenges it is up to us to remember our strength, our love, our dreams and our passions, to stop listening to the outside noise and follow the whispers of our heart. 


As a writer, I take my life experiences, pain and joy and weave them into words to inspire, comfort and motivate hearts who need to hear them. Words that I needed to hear along my own healing path when I felt alone and unsupported- I don’t want you to feel alone and unsupported.


I write because despite facing life challenges, I never backed down- I always found a way and proved to those who told me it was impossible and that I can’t that it wasn’t and I did. Despite health issues, despite not being qualified, despite being a single mum, despite not having a clue what I was doing, I took my dreams and made them real. 


I write words to help you to believe in yourself.


All the books I have published have been to help others by sharing what has helped me in my own life;

-Yoga in bed with chronic fatigue as a teen (Yoga, My Bed & M.E.)

-Journaling practices to focus on my emotional health (Divine Goddess Journals) 

-Affirmations to help with my healing journey and anxiety (365 Days of Healing Mantras) 

-The 3 steps I used to awaken my divine goddess to thrive in my life (Awaken your Divine Goddess)

-Writing notes of comfort and support to myself when I felt lost along my journey (Love Notes to a Goddess 2022)

-How I live the Feminine way for my wellbeing (Divine Feminine Living -2022)


My books are infused with the energy of love, compassion and motivational support because I’m also on this tough journey called life, I’m still learning, still falling but refusing to give up. 


I know what it feels like to feel lost and alone without any loving support, I want my words to be your support and love that you need, to help you make it through another day, to not give up, to face your fears and rise stronger and to follow your passions and live with no regrets. 


The one thing I am learning as I get older is that time and life is precious, we aren’t here for long and you deserve to live a life that filled with peace, passion and wellbeing so you can enjoy every day full of love and gratitude. 


Join me so we can walk this journey together.



Can you hear her whispers?

As she calls to you to set her free.

The yearning of needing more peace,

The deflation of needing more passion,

The aching of needing more wellbeing.

Can you hear her nudges?

The tugging within your heart.

It is time to listen to her needs,

it is time to set yourself free.

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Goddess Support.

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I let you into my own healing journey and share the tips, practices and wisdom I have learnt along the way of healing grief, heart break, abandonment, self belief, self worth, anxiety, chronic fatigue and following my passions and dreams in life despite challenges. 

New article available 1st of each month. 

If you need someone to walk with you along your journey of life then I hope my words are the whispers your heart needs.

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