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About Donna 

 I’m a writer, a creator, a messenger of Divine Feminine Living and a Channel for Light Language Healing and I know my words & light have the power to inspire, heal and open hearts.


My Life Purpose

My purpose is to help guide you to reconnect, nurture and activate the light of your divine heart through Light Language energy healing, the Sacred Light Sisterhood and my writing.

Throughout life you may have dimmed, closed and locked the divine light of your heart away to protect you from hurt and pain. In Life you can feel lost, lonely and disconnected from the world, you may only live to survive and feel unhappy in your life.

Now it's time for you to embrace Divine Feminine Living and reconnect to your divine light, to live by your soul truths, nurture your pain, follow your passions and shine in your life.

Peace, Love & Light 

Donna x


“Reconnect to the Light within you, for your heart is your compass to peace, joy and freedom”

Donna Owens


Light Language Videos

Light Language Videos to help you Reconnect,Nurture & Activate the light of your Heart for peace, joy and wellbeing along your spiritual journey.Plus Chakra cleansing and balancing videos.

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The Sacred Light Sisterhood is your invitation to reconnect, nurture & activate the Divine Light of your Heart.

Each month is your opportunity to Discover, Embrace and Apply Divine Feminine Living into your life for balance, peace and joy.  

2021 is the year to start to change how you live, by following the whispers of your heart, to guide you out of exhaustion, stress and fear and into peace, joy and love. 


I wanted to create a healing space of love and connection for those on their spiritual journey I have lived the Divine Feminine way most of my life, each time I tried to go against my natural energy and heart I would end up with ill health, these periods of ill health were my opportunity to deepen my spiritual connection, heal many things from my heart such as grief, forgiveness, acceptance and discover who I really was a deep soul level, this path helped me honour my natural Divine Feminine energy, traits and values and to live by them in my daily life, which meant going against society’s “normal” way of living and being- the wounded Masculine ways of life- stepping out of the 9-5 life and the Masculine traits of pushing, control and surviving  a lifestyle my soul didn’t fit into and I know many souls are the same- constantly trying to fit into a one way system of living is leaving many exhausted, depressed and suffering from physical and mental health issues. 


The Sacred Light Sisterhood is your monthly space to reconnect, nurture and activate the light of your heart to live the Divine Feminine way. Each month focuses on a Divine Feminine Aspect to bring into your life, aspects such as being, intuition, forgiveness, compassion, self-love, joy and flow.


You will have access to:

  1. A Light Language Chakra healing video on the Feminine aspect to help move stored emotions and energy helping you to release and heal from stored pain and hurt. Opening, healing, balancing and activating your energy body

  2. A Ebook/Workbook to help you connect, heal and balance the Divine Feminine aspects. 

  3. A monthly oracle reading. 


For a life of peace, joy and love means to live from the light of your heart but throughout life you have been taught false ways and beliefs, society told you how to be and live and painful life experiences has caused you to close and disconnect from your divine love and light. The Sacred Light Sisterhood is your invitation to reconnect to your heart, nurture the pain and hurt and activate the joy and happiness once more. 

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"Remember you are a Divine Being of Light here to bring peace, joy and love into your world"

Donna Owens

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