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Words for the women who are dancing the highs and lows of life.

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Donna Owens

"She is rooted to the Earth but her spirit soars the skies"

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Who is She

Who is She? 

she is the free spirit who felt caged by society for most of her life, 
she is the creative heart who brings colour to life
she is the warrior who gets up after life knocks her down and who fights with passion
she is the lover of life, the sun and open fields
she is the stubborn one who follows her soul instead of the rules of the world
she is the soul seeker, seeking truth
she is the bohemian gypsy, the cowgirl, the goddess, the wild one
she is the woman who is dancing the highs and lows of life
she is me 

and she is you.

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Donna Owens

"It comes down to asking yourself
What will make me happy?
What will give my soul peace?
What will ignite the passion of my heart to love living my life?
and once you know
begin to take action
step by step
until you are living with peace and passion"

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About Donna Owens Writer

Donna Owens is an English Writer, free spirit and wild feminine soul who writes to inspire you to follow the whispers of your soul for a life of peace and joy.

She is the Author of She vs Life: The Collection (2022) 

She writes weekly messages to your soul emails to inspire and nurture your soul. 

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