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Awaken, Balance &Unleash

your Sacred Divine Feminine.

Are you



It often takes a shake up to wake you up to begin your spiritual path to find balance, joy and wellbeing:

A heart-break, a loss of a job, feeling deflated, ill-health or feeling that your is life falling apart around you which breaks you and knocks you down.


These are signs from your soul that it is time to surrender into the whispers of the divine feminine wisdom, to be held, guided and loved as you journey to uncover the Goddess within.

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Temple of the Blue Rose

For those who are called for safe space of love, light and healing. 

An online Temple which contains the higher realms of the Blue Rose Sisterhood: Mother Mary, Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, The Violet Flame, Shekinah and the Merkaba Star. 

A spiritual space for cleansing, nurturing, healing, protection and love for your soul.

"There are many souls who are in need of my presence of comfort and love and through the sanctuary of this Temple these souls can begin to connect back to my unconditional love & light.."

Mother Mary 

Coming Soon

Awaken your Divine Feminine Online Course

Discover and Awaken your Feminine Energy with this 6 Module Online  Course.

Learn what the Divine Feminine is.

How the Masculine and Feminine Energies influence your wellbeing and your life.

How to call Her back and Awaken Her

and Connect with the Goddess Energies

Plus so much more!.

Includes Worksheets,Workbook 

and Audio Meditations.

I'm Donna, 

A Divine Feminine Teacher 

​& Spiritual Guide

I am here to guide you to

awaken and unleash your divine feminine powers.

Donna xx

(More about Donna Here)

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