Are you feeling Deflated & Disconnected from your life, yourself and your heart? 

Then it is time to Awaken your Divine Goddess.

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Meet Your Goddess Workbook

Do you know your higher Goddess?

Who is she? What does she look like? 

What does she do? It's time to meet her, befriend her and become her.

Download this workbook (a snippet from my forthcoming book Awaken your Goddess) and meet your higher Goddess today!.

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About Donna 

Hey Goddess, I'm Donna,

A intuitive writer, a free-spirit, a crazy cat lady and I'm so excited to inspire you to shine your beautiful Goddess light into the world. 
​I am here to Awaken, Nurture and Activate your Divine Goddess through my writing.

​"I want every woman to live and feel like a Goddess doing what she loves to do, living with joy, passion, purpose and shining with happiness."

Donna values peace, freedom, passion and creativity in life and as a writer she helps others reconnect to their own Feminine heart and their soul values so they to can embrace their Divine Feminine and awaken their inner Goddess.

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