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Donna Owens Books & Journals


She Vs Life: The Collection

For women who are dancing the highs and lows of life, Donna’s poetic quotes help hold your heart with hope when you feel broken and offers you loving inspiration as you heal and begin to follow the whispers of your soul.

My Shattered Heart

From break-ups, grief of loss and feeling abandoned, My Shattered Heart is for anyone and everyone who is feeling the pain of heartbreak right now.

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Self-Care Bullet Journal

Self-care is a form of self-love and this journal is your daily connection to your well-being so that you can nurture your physical and emotional needs.

Awaken your Divine Goddess

Awaken Your Divine Goddess book is your simple yet practical guide, filled with inspiring words, journaling prompts, meditations and 7 day practices which will support you as go within and connect to your feminine heart.

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365 Days of Healing Mantras

Daily healing mantras to keep you inspired, strong and loved as you travel along your healing journey.

Yoga, My Bed & M.E.

This easy to use invaluable book is revolutionary in offering modified yoga suitable for those with M.E./ CFS or those who have limited energy, but it is also great for anyone who is wanting to begin a gentle yoga practice for recovery

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About Donna

Donna Owens is an English writer and Poetic Soul Guide who writes about the journey of life, well-being and following your soul for a life of peace and joy.  
Donna who has been on a healing journey for most of her life weaves her own personal experiences, holistic wellness training, wisdom and love into all of her writing to inspire, uplift and comfort hearts along their own journey.

Donna is the author of 7 books and 3 journals and writes weekly mindfulness soul guidance emails to inspire your soul to shine.

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Weekly Mindfulness Soul Guidance

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