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For Journaling wasn't simply writing

Updated: Feb 2

Sitting with the morning dew

a cup of freshly made brew

she took to her journal

and opened her heart

It was a new day

a fresh start

here was her chance for clarity

To call upon her higher self

her heart and her soul

To listen to their whispers

to guide her through her day

to live according to her soul

to trust the nudges of her heart

along the way

She let her pen flow

to what her heart wanted to say

she didn't write from her head

but allowed spirit to do so instead

And she did this everyday

asking her soul

what do you wish to say?

what do you need today?

what can I do to live courageously

and follow my inner call?

For journaling wasn't simply writing

it was a channel for the divine

a ritual for her to connect to her soul

a way of communicating to the wisdom within

a space where her soul could speak and shine.


Donna xx


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