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Journaling, where you can write the next chapter of your life.

Updated: Feb 2

Journaling a mindful practice,

a form of meditation

a spiritual practice of connecting to your soul.

It is a practice of tuning within









and all for good reason

Because the self knows all the answers, wisdom, love, peace and happiness you seek

not the external world in which you constantly search and ask for in other people, places and things.

It is all within your heart, your soul.

The busy noisy, stressful world keeps you disconnected from yourself

disconnected from your needs, your well-being, your dreams and intuition

disconnected from your body, your heart and spirit.

Many people don't journal merely because of this disconnection

many view it as school thing, where they have to write the right answers

some think they don't have the time to sit and write.

Some are scared to sit with the thoughts in their head,

as it can bring you face to face with things you have been running from all your life,

but can be the portal of releasing and the breaking free that you need.

Journaling isn't just writing from your head,

it is a space where your soul can speak,

where you drop from your mind and let your heart open.

It is where you can explore your feelings, needs and dreams

where you can ponder and plan your next chapter in life

where you ask your soul the questions such as:

What will give my soul a sense of peace right now?

What does my heart yearn to do?

And there in the stillness, you simply allow your pen to flow,

don't worry if it doesn't make sense

or if your mind says that is impossible to what you have written

just keep tuning in

to what your heart and soul are whispering.

Journaling is the connection,

the practice and the communication to your higher self,

where you can come back to connection to source to God

to remember you have the power, to listen and to take action

all you need to do is get out of your over thinking mind,

and connect to your heart

make it a daily practice, a prayer,

a space where you can explore the depths of you soul.

Where you can discover who you really are

what you really need

to make plans of action to follow your dreams.

Journaling is the missing part of your tool kit,

the magic of your own universe

the book of your life

is there ready to be written

if you only open the book.....

and begin writing.

Donna x


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