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Let the old fall away...

Updated: Feb 7

It is time to take a deep breath,

stand up and dust the past from your heart,

no more waiting for the right time or for other people.

It is time to connect to you,

to find your inner strength

and to believe in yourself

to know you deserve better.

Let the old fall away, as painful as it may be,

know it is creating space for

brighter things to come into your life,

things that you might not see right now

things that may seem impossible - but trust and let go of holding on,

for it is holding on that is hurting you.

Painful endings are just the end of one chapter of your life,

turn the page and you will find a brand new chapter waiting for you

and this is your chapter -

a chapter where you become the Heroine of your story,

where you find self-love, self-worth and create your own joy.

Are you ready to step into your brand new chapter?

Donna xx


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