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What is Well-Being?

Well-being is more than just yoga and green juices.

Of course it means honouring and looking after your physical health and body but it also means so much more.

To me well-being is how peaceful and happy you are in all areas of your life. It means knowing your own power. It means self-connection, self-awareness and self-discovery.

It means connecting, listening and following the needs of your body, mind and soul.

It means strong boundaries and protecting your energy.

It means following your passions and dreams.

It means releasing what drains you.

It means doing what is right for you no matter what.

It means living by your soul values.

In life we have become disconnected from well-being and from ourselves. We live on auto pilot and constant stress. We put others and work before our health. We stop having fun, we see rest as lazy. We live (or survive) from our heads and not from our soul.

We are all different, with different needs, different energy levels and values. We can't all fit into a one-way box of living and we can't keep ignoring the needs of our body, mind and soul.

When you are exhausted, deflated and feeling lost in life- it is your soul calling...

for rest, for self-love and self-connection. A yearning for peace and joy in some areas of your life.

It is an invitation to go within, to take stock on all areas of your life and where you are giving your power away, where you need to rest, let go, to heal, to change things.

It is also the space where you fight your body and mind and push through life, where you ignore the needs of your body and soul to keep up with the demands of life but the more you push the more you suffer until the exhaustion, mental health and maybe physical illness forces you to stop so that you listen to your soul.

For well-being you need to connect to your soul, by slowing down, by taking the time to open your heart to being aware and curious of who you are and what you need to do to bring in more peace and joy into your life.

One way to connect to your soul is through the intention of sacred journaling. A space where you can ask your soul questions and allow the answers to come to you from your heart and not your head and then you can begin to take inspired action for change.

This is where many struggle, disconnected from your own wisdom, waiting for answers to arrive from the external world or from others or just feeling powerless that it is just the way of life and that life is hard and that it may get better one day. Some people will know what they need to do for their well-being but are scared (leaving jobs or relationships) so they stay because that is safest and easier option than the thought of change and the unknown -yet they quietly suffer.

My work as a well-being teacher and author is to remind you of your power and to connect you to your souls voice. To offer you the sacred journaling questions which you ponder and get curious about. To encourage you to honour your body, mind and souls needs and dreams and to help you live a life aligned to your soul values.

The peace and joy you seek begins by connecting your self, to discovering and honouring your own needs and to take inspired action with courage. Are you ready for your well-being journey?

Donna x


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