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A New Beginning....

Updated: Feb 7

It is a New Year, 

a new beginning, 

a new start 

and what I would like to say is this:

Connect back to you this year

Commit to your wellbeing 

Befriend yourself

Listen to your heart

Heal your heart if you need (and we are all on a healing journey)

and remember to call in more joy into your life this year.

You see, yes you can have goals, plans and resolutions 

but nothing is as important as you!

January is the first of the year, a new start, a fresh page

What will you write in this chapter of your life? 

I know it can be easy to sit around and wait

But it’s true what they say

Life won’t change if we keep doing the same thing

But know you don’t have to do anything drastic to make that change

All It takes is the choice to start a new and to stop and listen to what your soul is needing from you.

Your soul is always speaking to you, 

but I hear you ask; how can I hear? 

Drop from your over thinking mind and into the pool of stillness within your heart, slow down and breathe. 

You can’t hear the whispers while running around. 

Start by focusing on what is frustrating, upsetting and triggering you right now…and in that pain, the depression and feeling lost is where you will find your souls yearnings, pay attention to your feelings, your body, your emotions. 

Maybe journal, maybe go for a walk, 

to receive the answers all you have to do ask.

Then wait, in the space of quietness you will hear your soul speak. 


What does my soul need this year?

What ways can I give my soul what it needs? 

My story.

Right now, I’m far from where I want to be and while I could sit and write my goals, plans of action and hustle for them and sure I may or not achieve them, but  are they what I want or what I need? 

Yes I want a car…..but in reality my soul yearns freedom, 

yes I want a successful business…. But my soul yearns to help others, 

yes I want to be less bored….but my soul yearns for creating more art.

So I’m focusing on trying everyday this year to give myself some freedom, whether that be a walk, a coffee alone, meditation in nature

I’m focusing on committing to writing more to help others and I’m making time to create art each afternoon for my joy 

I'm committed to me and my own needs and happiness and leave space for a car and success to come if they’re meant to come for now.

We have moved on from the old ways of pushing and hustling

Being tired of all the bustling 

Now we are moving into flow

Allowing our soul to show us the way

And the only one who can hear your soul is you.

So let 204 the be year that you listen to her needs,

It all begins with you, connecting, listening, healing and following your soul that is path to your freedom and to make you feel whole.

Affirmation of the Month: 

I allow myself to be quiet so that I can hear my soul speak. 

And one more thing, 

from the conversations with your soul, why not choose a word of the year…maybe it will joy, adventure, self care or as this letter mentions maybe it  could be commit?

And one last thing: take this year month by month, week to week, day to day…but know that each day of connecting to your soul and taking one step a day by December you will have walked 365 steps forward in your journey of living from your heart.

Happy New Year,


Donna xx


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