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Make 2024 The Year to Pursue your Dreams

Updated: Oct 26

Have you been sitting on your creative dreams?

Wanting to pursue your passion but not sure where to start?

Those little nudges of your soul

have been knocking on your heart for so long

Dreaming of wrapping your hobbies, passions, gifts

and offerings into something for the world to see.

You long to create, make, paint, write and sing,

you long to help, nurture and support others

you long for sisters of connection who do what you love to do too.

Make 2024 the year to say YES! to your dreams

to write that book

to do that course

to start that business

to make the art

to be of service to hearts

You don't need to know all the details or the how

just take one step today

Write a sentence

google courses

journal out your dream job

buy the paints

help someone

I love seeing eyes light up and sparkle

when they speak of what they love

I love seeing talents and gifts ignite in hearts

Then I see the sparkle fade

and the flame go out.

People don't follow their dreams and passions for many reasons

a lot of time it's fear wrapped in many excuses of

I'm too busy, when the kids are older, i cant afford to leave my job, I cant afford the course,

when I'm good enough, when I have better/more expensive tools/products,

There is always a way the real question are:

How badly do you want it?

Here's the tough love, if you don't start now, when will you?

There is never a good time, only the now to make a choice to move forward or stay where you are. Life and time will continue to move along, and while time is unlimited, your time on Earth is and while things happen in divine time, I also believe we are continuously given slots of opportunities to jump on and sometimes we don't see them, sometimes we run from them, sometimes we miss them, most times we need to take a breath of faith and just jump on them.

My aunty worked in insurance, most weekends she could come over tired and deflated complaining of work, longing to do what she was passionate about instead; Cake making and decorating, each year for my birthday she made my cakes, with passion, creativity and love, i saw how her eyes and energy light up when she spoke of cakes and dreams but she was rooted in fear to putting herself out there, thinking she wasn't good enough, that people would hate the cakes and she would get negative feedback. eventually after years of dreaming she spoke how she saw some cake decorating classes and while terrified she signed up and did them, she came around with tubs of full of beautiful icing flowers and different things so proud of herself, she was always amazing at creativity but this gave her a confidence boost to slowly put herself out there with being known that she made cakes for peoples special occasions, she started slowly, with only word of mouth starting with friends, family and work people she began receiving orders, while still nervous and a little overwhelmed the passion took over, not long after stepping into pursuing her passion she diagnosed with cancer and soon sadly passed away, She left me with so many wonderful memories but this story which I saw growing up has always stayed with me with the lesson- just do it before it's too late.

I know first hand that fear stops a lot of people but I also know the antidote


Many women simply don't have the support and joyful encouragement

they need to take action and bust through the fears to pursue their dreams and happiness.

When you have motivational support, excited encouragement and someone who believes in you


Over my life I never had the encouraging, excited, uplifting or the celebratory support around me as I went off to pursue my dreams of being a makeup artist while living with a chronic illness, or when I decided I wanted to help people as I trained as a Yoga Therapist or when I said I wanted to write and publish books to inspire people. I had to believe in myself through the tough times, the times where I was broke, the times where people said I couldn't and shouldn't, I had a mindset of "I'll show you!" and I did! I was a very successful makeup artist for over a decade, I trained and became a yoga therapist which I used to help other people who suffered with CFS/M.E like I did and from that I wrote my first book: Yoga, My Bed & M.E. now my passion is to inspire women through my words of Heartfulness and one aspect of Heartfulness is Joy- Pursuing what makes your heart sing, what brings you joy and happiness for many are deflated in life by not following the nudges of joy within their heart.

and you don't need a crowd to cheer you on- just one person to listen, to be excited, to believe and motivate you is all you need.

That's where my messages of Heartfulness finds you, words of hope, inspiration and supportive encouragement to give you the motivation to follow your heart in 2014

Allow my words of fill your heart with courage, peace, faith and joy.

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Donna xxx


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