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Spirituality to me is….

Updated: Feb 7

To me spirituality

is to honour our human life

To be human and all which comes with it.

To be the light and dark

To feel the pain and the joy

To be in the grit of life with courage when you’re challenged

To hold faith in the unknown of change

To accept the hurt with grace when your heart has been shattered

To find peace in the chaos of your emotions and the world

To keep your heart open to love in the times where you feel love doesn’t exist anymore.

To me spirituality

is about being good human in a dark world

It’s about connection and community

Compassion and service

To bring the aspects of heartfulness

Into our daily life.

To share the aspects of heartfulness

To help others in need.

Courage, faith, peace, Grace, joy and love

The aspects of heaven onto Earth.

Spirituality to me

isn’t about ascending to higher states

White robes and all love and light

It’s about bringing the higher states of love and compassion to Earth.

To see us through this dance of human life.

Donna xx


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