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The Awakening of My Warrior Spirit

I have always had the passion to empower, motivate and cheer people on when it came to them following their dream job, taking care of their own body and wellbeing or when they felt deflated and lost in life.

It's a raging fire I have inside of me- this Warrior spirit of get back up, keep trying, find a different way, you can do it! Don't give up and I wasn't born with this Warrior- She was made.

1992 I was struck down with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome )/M.E. I battled for two years to be believed by not only the doctors, health professionals and the school that something was wrong with me and that I was ill but also my own family. No one listened, heard or supported me on which was a traumatic time for a 12 year old girl. When the health profession finally did diagnose me, I was told I would never live a normal life and that there is no cure for M.E.

I had to quit school and was told I would never amount to anything or be able to get a job because I had no qualifications- Everyone expected my life to be a waste and no one offered me support, nurturing or love.

My warrior spirit had already been ignited by trying to be heard in life but she fully was ablaze when she was told there was no way she would live, enjoy and thrive in life.

As a teen I wanted to be a makeup artist when I grew up- I spent all my spare energy while bedridden dreaming, reading and practicing makeup, after being told for the 101th time that I would never be a makeup artist I had had enough and my warrior spirit used negative and depowering words and people as fuel to rise up and show the world she can and will!

I found my own way to live with CFS/M.E., I found my own way to train and become a qualified makeup artist and I found my own way to become my own boss with my own makeup business which worked with my energy not fight against it.

My warrior spirit showed everybody that there was always a way, to keep fighting for what you love, your joys and passions and what you believe in.

To carve a new path, to not follow society's rules and one way systems but to find YOUR own way to your own peace and happiness.

I became a successful makeup artist for over 10 years before I felt it was time to move on and do something else- at 33 I trained as a yoga therapist.

At 36 I had a massive CFS relapse which left me mostly housebound once again which lead me to start my Yoga, My Bed & M.E. community and I wrote my first book of the same name.

It was all divinely timed and planned along my journey of finding my purpose within the world.

In 2019 I knew my warrior soul was all about rising from the ashes, about getting back up after falling, about not staying stuck or deflated in victim mode. I was all about finding my inner power, to heal, to connect to the wisdom within and rise from the pain and the hurt I was going through.

Throughout all my healing in life, I knew my warrior spirit not only helped me through my health battles but also from being a single parent, from losing a lot of things in 2020, from childhood abandonment, toxic relationships, following my dreams and even writing all my books- which again people told me I couldn't do because I didn't have a writing degree and would never be published because it's impossible to get published.

I always found a way.

And that leads me to my present moment, writing to inspire, empower and awaken the warrior spirit within you -Why?

because I had no-one to empower me, to support me or to cheer me on as I fought life

and all my battles and I don't want others to feel alone.

I know the power of encouraging words and having the support of people cheering you on,

they can unlock, awaken and bring your warrior spirit to life,

they give you the energy and the belief that you need so you can feel like you can do anything

I want my words to be that space for you

I want my own stories and battles to be the inspiration that if I can, so can you.

It is why I created The Rose Sisterhood- An online space to inspire and empower you with weekly emails, articles and worksheets and workbooks to awaken and embody the warrior spirit within you.

The warrior spirit isn't all about fighting with anger on the battlefields, it is about Heartfulness.

Embodying the aspects of courage, faith, peace and joy in your daily life.

Life can be our own war if we let it,

we are human having all these experiences of joy and pain,

it is up to us how we choose to fight

with love or hate?

Donna xx

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